Where Our Fish Comes From

Here in the UK, we are blessed with having a wonderful selection of different fish species living in our waters, the only problem is that the selection can be fairly limited on a town-to-town basis. Having fished up and down the country ourselves we know where to go to get each species of fish during its prime season. Using our network of commercial fishermen that work to our shared principles we are able to bring the best catch the country has to offer, to your door, fresher than you can find down your nearest supermarket.

Different species of fish and shellfish thrive in different environments, for instance crabs and lobsters prefer a harder, rougher seabed where they can blend in behind a rock or an old shipwreck and are protected from prey. Whereas flat fish such as Dover Sole prefer a softer seabed where they can hide from prey in the mud or silty sand. Our coastline may be small, however it is very well diversified in its different ecosystems.


Cod, Haddock, Hake, Salmon

Crevettes, Prawns



Devon & Cornwall:

Bream, Brill, Dover Sole, John Dory, Monkfish, Plaice, Skate, Turbot

Crabs, Lobster, Mussels, Scallops

Where our fish comes from

The Wash:

Brown Shrimp, Cockles, Whelks


Crabs (Cromer), Lobster


Brill, Dover Sole, Grey Mullet, Gurnard, Sea Bass, Skate, Turbot, Whiting


Oysters (Mersea Island)